Definition of Blackfoot in English:



  • 1A member of a confederacy of North American peoples of the north-western plains. The Blackfoot confederacy was made up of three closely related tribes: the Blackfoot proper or Siksika, the Bloods, and the Peigan.

    • ‘In 1873 or 1874, he brought back two bison bulls and two cows after spending the winter with the Blackfeet.’
    • ‘The latter business not only shaded his reputation among some Blackfeet, Assiniboines, and Gros Venues, it cast doubt as to the depth of his sympathies.’
    • ‘Here the Blackfeet moved south, sometimes threading the gap between the Big and Little Belt Mountains, sometimes skirting east, in order to get to the common hunting ground.’
    • ‘En route to joining to rest of the expedition, they had their first and only encounter with Blackfeet, in which two Piegans were killed.’
    • ‘Grinnell even made claims that he had been adopted by the Blackfeet for the work he did in securing them a fair price for their land when they were forced to sell.’
    • ‘The great explorer David Thompson recorded the account of an Indian named Saukamappee, who described how, in the summer of 1781, the Piegan Blackfeet had raided a Shoshone village.’
    • ‘When the federal government offered the Indian New Deal to the tribes, the Blackfeet voted to accept the IRA because it fit their vision and customs.’
    • ‘Mohawk, Arapaho, and Blackfeet have developed preschools and elementary schools where their language is the language of instruction.’
    • ‘Durnstein feels terribly distant from the American West., Glacier National Park, and the Blackfeet Indians of Montana.’
    • ‘Transcripts of the meetings between the Blackfeet and the commissioners indicate the tribe viewed the sale as inevitable.’
    • ‘Her patients were Blackfeet and Cree who weren't welcome on the reservations or wouldn't live there.’
    • ‘White Calf, one of the leaders of the southern Piegans, remembered the Blackfeet wandering around, not knowing where they were going or where they were.’
    • ‘Drouillard fell victim to the Blackfeet in 1810, Colter to jaundice three years later.’
    • ‘The Blackfeet believed in underground prairie reserves of buffalo and that if hunters killed all the buffalo they could find, more would emerge from secret caves.’
    • ‘Some Blackfoot do not readily accept that historic interpretation.’
    • ‘Grinnell assumed they represented the future for the Blackfeet: indoor education, reading, writing, and, eventually, farming.’
    • ‘For the first time in four decades, save for the usual raids and counterraids with Blackfeet and Lakotas, the Crows had their country to themselves.’
    • ‘Their expansion onto the plains displaced Lakotas, Crows, and Gros Venues to the south and the Blackfeet and Sarcees to the west.’
    • ‘Meloy's finished mural, Flathead War Party, shows the tribe preparing to attack the Blackfeet, with Mount Como in the background.’
    • ‘This class is constantly exposed to the attacks of the Blackfeet and their numbers are greatly lessened by them.’
  • 2mass noun The Algonquian language of the Blackfoot, with about 6,000 speakers.

    • ‘Some of the signs are in Shuswap, and the older Shuswap people speak it, but since this is a big league powwow, most of the MCs are imported and the announcements tend to be in Blackfoot or English.’
    • ‘Bison, in Blackfoot, is an incredibly cool word.’
    • ‘He was Canada's first Native senator and gave part of his first speech in the senate in Blackfoot.’
    • ‘There are Masses in Cree, Chipweyan, Blackfoot and Dene as well as English.’
    • ‘She explains that when she tries to speak Blackfoot with her grandchildren, they look at her as though she's speaking Borg.’
    • ‘I know quite well when I was young I spoke both Blackfoot and English fluently.’
    • ‘In other words, I spoke broken English and broken Blackfoot and I still speak that way.’


  • Relating to the Blackfoot or their language.

    • ‘Two elders from the Blackfoot community will be working with museum presenters at the launch of the exhibition on Thursday.’
    • ‘Most notable among these were two series of bronzes depicting traditional Blackfeet culture and professional rodeo cowboys.’
    • ‘You can learn about traditional beliefs and ceremonies, hear stories from the ancestors and find out what impact Europeans had on Blackfoot society.’
    • ‘In order to absorb the lupine hunting spirit, Blackfeet braves slept on furs and offered howls of praise to the wolf.’
    • ‘In 1875 destitute bands of Flatheads and Pend d' Oreilles were pressing into Blackfeet territory.’
    • ‘But today there's a resurgence of interest in Blackfoot culture and history, in the language itself, that's revitalizing the tribes.’
    • ‘More specifically, my understanding of the past relies heavily on oral tradition - the mechanism used to record Blackfoot history both prior to and following the invasion of their territory.’
    • ‘For instance, a young Blackfeet woman recalled her Catholic mission school years at Fort Shaw, Montana, as ‘the happiest days of my life’.’
    • ‘For his diploma piece, he produced his sculptural depiction of a Blackfeet man, Indian Warrior, an equestrian figure honoring Native American people.’
    • ‘In addition, Montagnais, Chilcotin and Blackfoot versions are in the process of being produced.’
    • ‘The four most important Blackfoot ceremonies were obtained through women.’
    • ‘It is in this context that the strong sense of nationalism I see as being inherent in Blackfoot culture becomes explicit, that is, noticeable from the outside.’
    • ‘Back in 1928, the literary world was wowed by Long Lance, an eponymous autobiography about growing up Blackfoot in the late 1800s.’
    • ‘Instead of these sources, he came to rely upon a few Blackfeet elders and informants to facilitate his imagination.’
    • ‘The Blackfeet peace with the western Indians, scheduled for the summer of 1854, however, had to be put off.’
    • ‘Borders, land ownership, neighbors and government policies may change, but one thing is certain: The wind will blow through the passes and through Blackfeet territory.’
    • ‘A few days after the Blackfeet story appeared in the newspaper, a member of the tribal council called to ask for help in assembling the historical arguments for their position.’
    • ‘He said one of the most memorable couples he had married were Native Americans, a Blackfoot groom and a Cherokee bride.’
    • ‘He also delivered the first Parliament speech in the Blackfoot language.’
    • ‘Thus, just as I would if I were to use the Blackfoot language, I have attempted to present nationalism as genderless within its own context.’