Definition of blackbutt in English:



  • A tall straight-trunked Australian eucalyptus tree, typically with fire-charred fibrous bark on the lower trunk and with pale brown timber.

    Eucalyptus pilularis, family Myrtaceae

    • ‘The area is covered by dense hardwood eucalyptus forest composed of blackbutts, salmon gums and gimlets.’
    • ‘Away from the city noise, nestled on the edge of the National Park in Arakoon, Grass Trees Escape is located on a 2.5 acre bush block covered by hundreds of grass trees, large gums, blackbutts, tallow woods and a multitude of wild-life.’
    • ‘The natural woodland is based on sandy soil and consists of eucalypt forests dominated by blackbutts and bloodwoods.’
    • ‘It is a 400-metre drive from the picnic site to two of the state's largest blackbutts - the ‘Bird Tree’ (69 metres tall and 3.6 metres in diameter) and ‘Benarkin’ (64 metres tall and 4.1 metres in diameter).’
    • ‘An impressive variety of Eucalyptus, known as blackbutt, can be found in the Central Park area.’


Early 19th century: from black + butt in the sense ‘tree trunk’.