Definition of blackboard in English:



  • A large board with a smooth dark surface attached to a wall or supported on an easel and used by teachers in schools for writing on with chalk.

    • ‘Cleaning blackboards for my teachers had always been… well, for me, at least… an easy way to bump my grades from Bs to As.’
    • ‘The classrooms were large with windows that climbed toward the high ceilings and we had the basic ingredients to get something done: desks, books, blackboards, and chalk.’
    • ‘As a way of reminding and motivating students, you can see chalked on blackboards in most classrooms, countdowns of the days to the examination and some encouraging words.’
    • ‘The walls were covered in blackboards with chalk markings that seemed to be in a language of numbers.’
    • ‘She did not, as I had hoped, lead us through the routines in slow motion, with the aid of diagrams chalked up on a blackboard.’
    • ‘The only resource in the classroom was a teacher and a blackboard.’
    • ‘I counted more than 20 dishes chalked up on the blackboard and was pleasantly surprised with what was on offer.’
    • ‘It spelt the end of students sitting in rows, facing the teacher and the blackboard.’
    • ‘Although the Government has approved a €15 million project to provide broadband internet access in all schools, teachers said this was like providing chalk without blackboards.’
    • ‘You touched on a very emotive issue in the country, which is the horrible crime situation, and mentioned about gunshots going off while the teachers are at the blackboards.’
    • ‘The other was incredulous, and kept underlining his solution on the blackboard with heavy chalk lines.’
    • ‘Check the blackboards on the walls for the menu du jour, which typically lists the soup of the day and a couple of pasta dishes.’
    • ‘She puts down in her notebook whatever the teacher writes on the blackboard.’
    • ‘Sanctions hit the economy and schools were left short of basic supplies such as chalk and blackboards, and poverty forced many children out of education.’
    • ‘The teacher was staring at her, tapping his miniature piece of chalk on the blackboard.’
    • ‘Sheldon lopes to one end of the blackboard, raises his chalk and, with a quick flourish, draws a circle.’
    • ‘We will ensure that the backdrops in your scenes - the writing on the blackboards, the equipment in the labs - look realistic; that your universities look like universities and your academics act like academics.’
    • ‘The teacher had almost seen it that time as he turned around to write something on the dry erase board, that had long time ago replaced the blackboards.’
    • ‘He held your attention in the classroom and walked you through a multitude of chemical structures with only the chalk on the blackboards as his multimedia.’
    • ‘George on the camera is a genius and Frank on sound could make a chalk scratch on a blackboard sound like music.’