Definition of black vulture in English:

black vulture


  • 1A very large Old World vulture with blackish-brown plumage, now rare in Europe.

    Aygypius monachus, family Accipitridae

    Also called cinereous vulture
    • ‘We deal with everything from the smallest white-eye to a black vulture, from hedgehogs to jackals.’
    • ‘The black stork, black vulture, and endangered Spanish imperial eagle are among the 42 species of birds that depend on the cork woodlands.’
    • ‘Snow lay thin on the dunes, while a black vulture cruised above my head.’
  • 2A New World vulture with black plumage and a bare black head.

    Coragyps atratus, family Cathartidae

    • ‘The three vulture species in North America, the turkey vulture, black vulture, and California condor, are in the family cathartidae.’
    • ‘I don't see any black vultures but I do see the better soaring turkey vultures and a number of hawks.’
    • ‘Unlike turkey vultures, which eat carcasses and rarely attack livestock, black vultures will go after piglets, sheep and cows as well as dead animals.’
    • ‘Huge, black vultures soar over canyon, desert and forest, circling nimbly on updrafts.’
    • ‘We landed on a red-clay airstrip, where at least one symptom of human impact was manifest: dozens of black vultures circling over the town dump.’