Definition of black spot in English:

black spot


  • 1British A place or area marked by a particular trouble or concern.

    ‘an unemployment black spot’
    ‘an accident black spot’
    • ‘They overspeed and overtake what they consider slow vehicles at any point, even at areas known as black spots.’
    • ‘The programme is popular in rural employment black spots where participants play a social as well as an economic role in their community.’
    • ‘He called for motorists to be more considerate at many of the area's traffic black spots so jams were not made worse by drivers behaving badly.’
    • ‘Transport sites, recreation areas and schools are common litter black spots.’
    • ‘The Gazette has been campaigning for six months to get improvements made on the dangerous road, which has a number of black spots.’
    • ‘The Police Authority keeps stating that speed cameras are always visible and only placed in accident black spots.’
    • ‘Shocking statistics released this week have indicated that this town is among the country's top accident black spots.’
    • ‘The operation will also pay particular attention to accident black spots along the routes.’
    • ‘The police, however, assure us that the mobile cameras are only used at accident black spots and not as a means of raising money.’
    • ‘I am all in favour of the use of cameras in genuine accident black spots or where it can be seen that there is real danger to life from speeding.’
    • ‘Safety groups have claimed the single-carriageway stretch is one of Scotland's worst accident black spots.’
    • ‘In short, these areas are now among the worst pollution black spots in our community.’
    • ‘Members of the town council said they were pleased to see that levels of pollution were falling in pollution black spots in the town.’
    • ‘You see the skid marks, you see the crosses next to the road, but nothing is being done, these accident black spots will not be eliminated.’
    • ‘The route map even identifies travel black spots on the way.’
    • ‘Litter and too much of it led to the slide in the town's placing with school areas highlighted in particular as black spots.’
    • ‘The aim is for this equipment to be backed-up by real time CCTV focusing on the worst traffic black spots.’
    • ‘Health and education workers are battling hard to rid the city of its unwanted title as one of the country's worst teenage pregnancy black spots.’
    • ‘This road has many accident black spots particularly around the Dromore west area.’
    • ‘The figure itself has served for several flattering headlines and will do the job when touring economic black spots.’
  • 2mass noun A fungal or bacterial disease of plants, especially roses, producing black blotches on the leaves.

    Rose black spot is caused by the fungus Diplocarpon rosae, subdivision Ascomycotina

    • ‘A soaker hose waters the base of every plant, thereby minimizing black spot and mildew problems that often arise from wetting the leaves.’
    • ‘To prevent black spot from infecting new plants, spray with a synthetic chemical fungicide once every 10 days, starting in midspring.’
    • ‘Neem oil also prevents powdery mildew and black spot.’
    • ‘Some rose varieties are especially prone to black spot and require regular spraying to keep the plants vigorous.’
    • ‘Many popular roses are also susceptible to three fungal diseases, whose names black spot, mildew, and rust are descriptive of their appearance on rose leaves.’


black spot