Definition of black singlet in English:

black singlet


NZ, Australian
  • A black sleeveless garment traditionally worn by sheep shearers and other agricultural workers.

    ‘he donned a pair of gumboots and a black singlet’
    • ‘For most of us, memories of wood-chopping are connected to travelling sideshows and watching huge men clad in black singlets, swinging their axes and letting the chips fly.’
    • ‘A million-dollar Lotto winner says police are picking on him because of his body art, black singlets and souped-up cars.’
    • ‘He's dressed in the black singlet that identifies the New Zealand Everyman.’
    • ‘He was wearing three-quarter-length shorts with a black singlet.’
    • ‘The black singlet and the woollen Swanndri have featured on postage stamps, in cartoons and artwork, and at the national museum, Te Papa.’
    • ‘These poems are at their weakest when they are self-consciously striving to establish his black singlet paddock-cred.’
    • ‘You can put on a black singlet and gumboots, but you are still a woman.’
    • ‘Nowadays you're more likely to be seated in Business Class next to a bloke in jandals scratching his belly beneath his black singlet than a dapper gent in a trilby.’
    • ‘You can tell his job by the black singlet and dusty jeans.’
    • ‘Take away the stuffed kiwi, the black singlet, the Buzzy Bee and you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel.’