Definition of black rot in English:

black rot


mass noun
  • Any of a number of fungal or bacterial diseases of plants, fruits, and vegetables, producing blackening, rotting, and shrivelling.

    • ‘It is important to remember that powdery mildew can be a serious problem during growing seasons when it is too dry for most other diseases, such as black rot or downy mildew, to develop.’
    • ‘A site that provides for maximum air drainage which promotes faster drying of foliage can substantially reduce the risk of black rot and downy mildew.’
    • ‘Climatic conditions are conducive to the development of several major grape diseases, including: black rot, downy mildew and powdery mildew.’
    • ‘They will also provide excellent control of black rot, but it is important to remember that they will not control downy mildew.’
    • ‘At this advanced stage, Phomopsis fruit rot can be easily mistaken for black rot.’