Definition of black out in English:

black out

phrasal verb

  • Undergo a sudden and temporary loss of consciousness.

    ‘they knocked me around and I blacked out’
    • ‘He could feel his consciousness shutting down, blacking out…’
    • ‘His agent, who is planning a controversial exhibit of the photos Alex took just prior to blacking out underwater, is pressuring him to attend the show's opening.’
    • ‘Shirley's breathing became so distorted that by the time he faded to just six breaths per minute and then lost consciousness, Shirley was also on the verge of blacking out.’
    • ‘He was about to take his first step into the desert when all of a sudden he blacked out.’
    • ‘For a second, the world began to spin, and she was afraid she might black out, but that passed.’
    • ‘This sort of thing happens to her all the time - and the cure will be more drink, until she blacks out again.’
    • ‘He believes he blacked out at least five times before he regained consciousness in the shallows by the river bank.’
    • ‘The last thing she heard before she blacked out was a sudden increase in noise and panic.’
    • ‘He felt something warm splash him just before he gave up his hold on consciousness and blacked out.’
    • ‘The sound of the report still echoed in his ears, and with this as his lullaby, he finally lost consciousness and blacked out.’
    faint, lose consciousness, pass out, collapse, keel over
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