Definition of black marketeer in English:

black marketeer


  • See black market

    • ‘We feel issues concerning the staple food of the nation cannot be left to the dictates of these get-rich-quick traders and black marketeers.’
    • ‘Fortunately, he had anticipated trouble and had made arrangements for black marketeers to smuggle out the footage he already had.’
    • ‘The author tells us it is simply a matter of supply and demand, with nuclear black marketeers actively establishing connections between likely end-users and would-be sellers.’
    • ‘Whether a black marketeer was shot or made a handsome profit depended on luck and the time and place of his operations.’
    • ‘The media like to paint it as a rather wild place, full of black marketeers, mobsters and an amorphous group of people they mysteriously call the ‘Mafia'.’