Definition of black mark in English:

black mark


  • A note or record of a person's misdemeanour or discreditable action.

    ‘a black mark went down against his name for turning down the job’
    • ‘Sometimes their football can be a joy to watch, other times the opposite, but the one black mark which stands against them is their unpredictability.’
    • ‘Paul's next big test resulted in the one black mark on his record.’
    • ‘Threats to daub British pupils with the black mark of truancy were cushioned with reassurances that there was plenty of opportunity to discuss war and peace in the classroom.’
    • ‘The seller becomes frustrated and cancels the sale, posting bad feedback about you and effectively putting a black mark on your track record.’
    • ‘If a desk officer made that kind of mistake they would get a black mark against their record, maybe for years.’
    • ‘He said: ‘There will be no additional burden on you but it will be another black mark on your record.’’
    • ‘It's a big black mark against her administrative record.’
    • ‘Another benefit is that I don't have to worry about late payment charges or demands, which prevents black marks appearing on my credit record.’
    • ‘It should not be an easy road back, given the black marks that have piled up against him in the past weeks.’
    • ‘It is a crime that can exist as a black mark in an otherwise worthwhile lifetime of achievement.’
    • ‘He does have a black mark against him now though.’
    • ‘The gas company has now removed the black mark from your record and is sending you back the £34.72 as an apology.’
    • ‘They were frightened that I might actually stand up to authority and do something that would put a black mark on their record.’
    • ‘Isn't this a black mark on the record of this Holy Year which was intended to be a year of peace and reconciliation?’
    • ‘It will also discourage defaulters, who will fear black marks on their credit record.’
    • ‘If I do anything wrong between now and 2007, the media will have such a field day and that would be a black mark against us.’
    • ‘To be seen walking like that, in public mind you, next to him would surely be a black mark on her record.’
    • ‘The purpose of the challenge is to remove a black mark from his record and to clear his reputation.’
    • ‘Well, clearly, this is a bit of a black mark against the news channel and clearly things were done in this report that were unfair and untrue.’
    • ‘Residents have cited many black marks against the proposals including traffic congestion, noise and light pollution.’
    trace, touch, suggestion, hint, tinge, tincture
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black mark