Definition of black mamba in English:

black mamba


  • A highly venomous slender olive-brown to dark grey snake that moves with great speed and agility. Native to eastern and southern Africa, it is the largest poisonous snake on the continent.

    Dendroaspis polylepis, family Elapidae

    • ‘I learned that cobras are comparatively easy to dodge, but that you have to run like hell to get away from black mambas.’
    • ‘The 6ft green mamba, 4ft black mamba and 5ft forest cobra are all deadly, and have been taken to a local zoo for safekeeping.’
    • ‘When he picks up his harmless little African dirt snake, it somehow magically transforms into a deadly black mamba, ready to spread some fanged fury around.’
    • ‘It seems to me the world would have been just fine without such creatures as black mambas and water moccasins.’
    • ‘Join the world's fastest serpent - the deadly black mamba, whose venom can kill a human in just 15 minutes - as it zips along the African wilderness in search of its next meal.’