Definition of black lung in English:

black lung


mass nounNorth American
  • Pneumoconiosis caused by inhalation of coal dust.

    • ‘Now aged seventy, his feet and hips are bearing the cost of his stooped shuffle through the tunnels, and his breathing is heavy with black lung, the miner's disease.’
    • ‘A federal fund created in 1977 to pay coal miners who developed black lung was funded with a tax on mining companies.’
    • ‘Many people became miners to make a living and thousands died of miner's diseases such as black lung and silicosis.’
    • ‘Thus anyone with severe respiratory ailments - black lung, brown lung, asbestosis, emphysema, and so on - is given adequate and comprehensive services as needed.’
    • ‘The coal that powers our industries - bringing cheap textiles, central heating, and fresh fruit into our lives - also causes black lung, mine disasters, and acid rain.’


black lung