Definition of black knight in English:

black knight


Stock Market
  • A person or company making an unwelcome takeover bid for another company.

    • ‘Comcast has opened the door for possible black knights to appear too, in the form of Viacom, Liberty Media or even Microsoft.’
    • ‘A white knight is a person who is asked to acquire a company as an alternative to an unwanted black knight, who is the investor initiating a hostile takeover bid.’
    • ‘The black knight, of course, isn't the type to court a maiden with flowers but instead prefers a fast horse and a sack.’
    • ‘For 17 years, the media has made me the black knight, the scapegoat.’
    • ‘With a black knight, the only thing you know they follow is the clink of coins…’


By association with white knight.


black knight