Definition of black kite in English:

black kite


  • A bird of prey with dark plumage and a slightly forked tail, feeding mainly by scavenging and found throughout much of the Old World.

    Milvus migrans, family Accipitridae

    • ‘Dozens of black kites wheel around the spire surveying the dusty gardens for dead meat and the church walls bask in sunshine.’
    • ‘On one occasion when he was in remote New South Wales he shot a bronzewing and a black kite swooped to steal his bird.’
    • ‘Earlier in the week I saw a black kite circling and cruising around the perimeter of the water.’
    • ‘Scientists also predicted that species like the black kite, cattle egret and great reed warbler, not currently found in Britain, could migrate there if warmer summer temperatures continued.’
    • ‘On the high walls of the valley, I observed a black kite cruising along.’