Definition of black ice in English:

black ice


mass noun
  • A transparent coating of ice, especially on a road surface.

    • ‘He also pointed out that the cold weather did not abate after Monday, with black ice on some roads on Tuesday night.’
    • ‘A bus strike, black ice and night blizzards brought chaos to commuter traffic in the North-west this morning.’
    • ‘She warned of black ice on two roads leading into Sligo.’
    • ‘The street was filled with snow that was mostly mud, freezing slowly into black ice.’
    • ‘He went over black ice and spun off the highway into a ditch.’
    • ‘A spokesman said: ‘People should take things slow and be alert for patches of black ice which can lurk even on roads that have had grit on them.’’
    • ‘As our car approached a tortuous part of the highway aptly called Espinazo del Diablo, or ‘spine of the devil,’ we encountered a massive gridlock of vehicles stranded by black ice.’
    • ‘The Longfield Road, which leads to Dundalk, is completely out of bounds because of the amount of black ice on the road.’
    • ‘It is greasy and oily and if the train then comes along and attempts to brake it causes slipping, just like black ice on the road.’
    • ‘On my drive home I hit black ice and skidded off the road.’
    • ‘The cold weather in the state had not let up one bit, and despite there being no cars in the area, the two had to be careful for black ice on the road.’
    • ‘The streets are dirty mush, black ice is on the road and sidewalks are slippery.’
    • ‘The A127 and A13 were particularly badly hit after several centimetres of snow fell overnight, compounded by black ice and a frost which hardened the snow into a virtual skating rink.’
    • ‘Where water has remained on the roads black ice has been forming causing dangerous conditions for motorists.’
    • ‘Police are investigating the cause of the accident but said they had received reports of black ice on the roads in the area.’
    • ‘The group was driving in the Colorado Rockies when they hit black ice on the road.’
    • ‘In the winter of 1989, she was a 35-year-old mother when her car skidded on black ice and careened over an embankment.’
    • ‘She was going about 30 miles per hour and hit a patch of black ice on a steep, curvy section of the road and lost control of her vehicle.’
    • ‘Lauren answered cheerfully, leaping off the curb onto the road, and caught herself before slipping on black ice.’
    • ‘Road conditions were bad after Wednesday night's rain led to areas of black ice on both roads and footpaths making driving conditions difficult for both drivers and pedestrians.’
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black ice