Definition of black durgon in English:

black durgon


  • A black triggerfish that occurs worldwide in tropical seas.

    Melichthys niger, family Balistidae

    • ‘Here, where currents from South America and the Atlantic clash and dump their plankton load, pelagics share the reefs with the ubiquitous black durgons, queen angelfish and Creole wrasse.’
    • ‘Barracuda hovered overhead or patrolled the deck, while black durgons flitted like shadows inside a wheelhouse lined with brilliant red and golden sponges.’
    • ‘Divers will find lots of black durgons and yellow tail snappers here.’
    • ‘Also known as black durgon, this fish is a striking blue - black, with distinctive white lines tracing its tail end at the base of the dorsal and anal fins.’
    • ‘Atlantic spade fishes and black durgons patrol over the reef.’


1950s: durgon perhaps from English dialect durgan or durgen ‘undersized person or animal’.


black durgon