Definition of black bread in English:

black bread


mass noun
  • A coarse dark-coloured type of rye bread.

    • ‘Barrels of dark beer are consumed along with special sausages, black bread and other foods typical of Germany.’
    • ‘The numerous kinds ranged in colour and solidity from the deep brown and dense German pumpernickel and the common Russian black bread, to the paler and lighter breads of Poland and Sweden.’
    • ‘He seized the heel of black bread that was resting next to the bowl, scraped out the inside, and dipped it in the soup.’
    • ‘I've eaten black bread and Swiss cheese and drunk Jersey City beer, and it felt like the first meal of my life.’
    • ‘‘We got a mug of sweet tea and a piece of black bread twice a day,’ he said in the interview, when he was 59 and working as a rigger on Sydney Harbour.’