Definition of black box theatre in English:

black box theatre

(US black box theater)


North American
  • A simple indoor performance space with plain black walls and a level floor, typically designed to provide flexibility in the configuration of the stage and the audience seating.

    ‘the new building is to have two performance venues, a 250-seat main stage and a smaller black box theatre with seating for 50 to 99 people’
    • ‘It's like a big hollow feeling of the outdoors rushing into the closed little space of the black box theater.’
    • ‘Jim says trading his science lab for the school's black box theater at the end of the day has been rewarding.’
    • ‘In the hub between old and new sit three fully equipped black box theaters, as well as art galleries and multipurpose public spaces.’
    • ‘The show is playing in Roundabout's small black box theater, the first time a musical has been performed there.’
    • ‘The Academic Center houses offices, practice rooms, and a black box theatre.’