Definition of black-heartedness in English:



  • See black-hearted

    • ‘Animals can never hope to plumb the black-heartedness of men.’
    • ‘He was convinced of the black-heartedness of those who stood in his way.’
    • ‘It might be that each thief is a black-hearted scoundrel; but it is equally possible that black-heartedness is only a feature of one or two.’
    • ‘'Tis the first time my cousin's blackheartedness has done me some good.’
    • ‘The power-hungry authorities have displayed brutality and blackheartedness.’
    brutality, brutalism, cruelty, bestiality, barbarism, barbarousness, savagery, viciousness, fierceness, ferocity, wickedness, nastiness, ruthlessness, remorselessness, mercilessness, villainy, murderousness, heinousness, nefariousness, monstrousness, baseness, vileness, inhumanity, blackness, fiendishness, hellishness, ghastliness, horror
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