Definition of black-figure in English:



  • usually as modifier A type of ancient Greek pottery, originating in Corinth in the 7th century BC, in which figures are painted in black, details being added by incising through to the red clay background.

    ‘a black-figure amphora’
    Compare with red-figure
    • ‘Like a master's black-figure vase are the plays of Aeschylus, stiff of form, archaic, and sublime of aesthetics.’
    • ‘The music room was intended to complement the antique red- and black-figure Greek vases that adorned the consoles in the great gallery beyond.’
    • ‘In the 6th century, Athenian black-figure supplanted Corinthian and became the dominant ware with workshops exporting painted ceramics throughout the Mediterranean and beyond.’
    • ‘Topically, the antiquities dealer presents a Greek black-figure amphora depicting scenes from the Olympic Games, of around 530-520 BC.’
    • ‘Another innovative formula appears in black-figure at about the same time on a cup by Sakonides.’