Definition of blabbermouth in English:



  • A person who talks excessively or indiscreetly.

    • ‘Did anyone ever tell you that when it comes to romance, my sister is a blabbermouth?’
    • ‘Once he is convinced he's caught the blabbermouth, they're cut off without a word.’
    • ‘The bane of the sensitive singer-songwriter is the indifferent blabbermouth at the bar.’
    • ‘We don't trust the tight-lipped, nor do we confide in blabbermouths.’
    • ‘I know, I know, I'm really annoying at times and I can be a real blabbermouth.’
    • ‘Mason, being the blabbermouth he was, told Kaleb of his secret mission.’
    • ‘Could be that, or maybe she's a little wigged out working in an office full of blabbermouths.’
    • ‘The only thing people like less than a blabbermouth is an unreliable one!’
    • ‘She was so quiet around others that it always surprised Robbin what a blabbermouth she could be when they were together.’
    • ‘He was also a well-known blabbermouth - any secret given to him would be guaranteed to spread throughout the school by the end of the day.’
    • ‘Even though Zach and I were old news, when topics for gossip were scarce, blabbermouths always bring the last ‘Old News' report back to life.’
    • ‘That would be an excellent idea if Mimi weren't such a blabbermouth.’
    • ‘Will the investigations in Switzerland continue now that blabbermouth Rene isn't around to appear in court?’
    • ‘Why do we care so much that a couple of blabbermouths are talking about us on TV?’
    • ‘My own belief is that she wrote the book because she was a compulsive blabbermouth who was simply incapable of keeping her memories to herself.’
    • ‘Yet I continued blogging, because I am a blabbermouth and when I do not have friends listening to me complain, I need an outlet.’
    • ‘The book is too long and as a narrator, he can be a bit of a blabbermouth, but it is an exceptionally good crime novel.’
    • ‘As a general blabbermouth somewhere on the fringe of gaming I consider it my duty to help reduce the effects of videogame violence.’
    • ‘The web site follows both legislation and legislators, identifying the most frequent no-shows, the biggest blabbermouths, and those most likely to sponsor doomed bills.’
    • ‘Truth be told, the Duke was, for lack of a better word, a blabbermouth, and it was not long before the whole group of aristocrats before the fire knew the true (well, sort of true) story.’
    talker, chatterer, jabberer, babbler, prattler, blatherer, prater
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