Definition of biyearly in English:


adverb & adjective

  • Appearing or taking place every two years or twice a year.

    as adjective ‘the biyearly match’
    • ‘And even if that is the case, I am still sorry to see it go from a yearly event to a biyearly event.’
    • ‘In addition to its daily schedule, the center holds numerous one-, two-, and three-day retreats and intensive biyearly winter and summer retreats called Kyol Che.’
    • ‘The TOP500 is a biyearly competition that ranks 500 entries by sustained performance for a linear equation solver.’
    • ‘As a forum for sharing ideas, we invite frequent users to participate in biyearly brainstorm sessions sponsored by the web site.’
    • ‘He chose wordless comics as his Grand Prix exhibition theme, to be seen during the next edition of the biyearly magazine in 2006’
    • ‘They have a Medicaid occupancy percentage that equals or exceeds the applicable biyearly Medicaid minimum occupancy percentage.’
    • ‘The VPRO Grand Prix is awarded biyearly to the best comics artist active today.’
    • ‘Each of the 10 RCEs in collaboration with select industry leaders have formed a committee to assist with the evaluation of specific product development plans via a biyearly meeting in Bethesda MD.’
    • ‘For the thousand-and-above e-mails package, if you opt for biyearly payment, you get one-month of free usage and for yearly payment you get 2 months of free usage.’
    • ‘The table shows pricing for monthly, yearly, and biyearly contracts.’
    • ‘Various readers have written in to tell me that the set of studies was biyearly until 1968, so the 1963, 1965, and 1967 issues don't exist.’
    • ‘Since annual and biyearly plants only blossom and fructify one time each year, they are also called monocarpic plants.’
    • ‘Besides our biyearly newsletter, you get a regular update from us on the progress of the project sponsored by you.’
    • ‘You have the choice of paying for your hosting month to month, yearly, or biyearly.’