Definition of bitzer in English:


(also bitser)


NZ, Australian
  • 1A contraption made from previously unrelated parts.

    • ‘It was just a bitser, a diabolical piece of machinery as it was.’
    • ‘Working models may start life as physical representations of verbal, sketched or signalled communication, and through iterative generations may evolve into novel bitsers.’
    • ‘I would have thought that a bitser car like that should be on a Q plate as there is only the chassis that's original?’
    • ‘I have two more machines coming on line shortly (real bitsers) and hope to be able to get some kind of solution, as waiting for 4 machines to get through on one dial-up link could take some time.’
    • ‘Like the Hailwood car, the McLaren M22 entered by Kirk F. White and used by Hobbs was also to some extent a bitser.’
    device, gadget, apparatus, machine, appliance, mechanism, implement, utensil, invention, contrivance
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    1. 1.1 A mongrel dog.
      • ‘Other breeds and mixed-breed dogs (we do not tolerate terms like bitzers, mongrels, Heinz dogs) are made very welcome at the university's cyber campus and there is no distinction between degrees awarded to Labradors and to other dogs.’
      • ‘If you walk for exercise, offer to walk pedigree dogs at the same time (on the perhaps mistaken assumption that owners of pedigrees will pay more than owners of bitzers).’
      • ‘The Birchgrove bitser's owner faced Balmain Local Court on February 18, pleading guilty to owning a dog that chased a cat and to not having control of Bob in a public place.’
      • ‘A venerable 15-year-old bitser with fur the colour of bittersweet chocolate, he escorts me down the corridor to the spare, sunny kitchen and returns to his basket in the corner.’
      • ‘She is an awesome little bitser (little bits of everything), though mostly Staffie and Foxy.’
      • ‘They were all bitzers, mainly tabby, some cream and brown but he was jet black.’
      • ‘I tried to remember how you described her: a bitser, a dog of the good sense to have well-mixed genes.’
      • ‘One of my client's dogs is about to have puppies, which they can't afford and the puppies are the result of two bitsers breeding so god knows what they are, and the problems they may have.’
      hound, canine, mongrel, cur, tyke
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1920s: abbreviation of the phrase bits and pieces.