Definition of bituminous coal in English:

bituminous coal


mass noun
  • Black coal having a relatively high volatile content and burning with a characteristically bright smoky flame.

    • ‘A typical tire contains as much energy as 25 pounds of coal, while producing less ash than most coal and less sulfur than bituminous coal.’
    • ‘However, bituminous coal deposits comprise three additional fields within the state-the Cahaba, the Coosa, and the Plateau.’
    • ‘The Richmond Basin was home to a rich vein of bituminous coal.’
    • ‘If steel production posed multiple hazards to the body, so, too, did work in the region's bituminous coal industry.’
    • ‘The Tertiary coal of northern Thailand is classified according to coal rank as lignite to bituminous coal.’
    • ‘Pig iron and bituminous coal production - key elements in the manufacturing process - also declined or showed little growth during the war years.’
    • ‘The local discoveries of both petroleum and natural gas introduced the idea that bituminous coal was not the only mineral treasure of the region and that industry need not be synonymous with coal smoke.’
    • ‘Rice husks release about 16 joules of energy per kilogram, about the same as lignite but less than bituminous coal's 25 joules.’
    • ‘The assessment concludes that, at current production rates, sufficient high-quality, thick, bituminous coal resources in these five beds will last throughout the decade.’
    • ‘They build up on sheltered exposures of fine-grained, porous pyrite-bearing rocks, such as shale or bituminous coal, after long dry spells.’
    • ‘Depending on the degree of carbon concentration and coalification, one differentiates between lignite, bituminous coal and anthracite.’
    • ‘It is the principal component of natural gas and is synthesized commercially by the distillation of bituminous coal, and by heating carbon and hydrogen.’
    • ‘UP to 2,000 jobs will be put at risk if the Government's proposal to ban bituminous coal and petroleum coke nationwide goes ahead, industry experts warned yesterday.’
    • ‘The ban comes into effect this Wednesday and brings to 16 the number of urban area included in the ban on bituminous coal and other high sulphur solid fuels.’
    • ‘Only in this region do the reserves of anthracite and bituminous coal exceed the reserves of sub-bituminous coal and lignite.’
    • ‘In this little coal town, that monument was, appropriately enough, a huge chunk of bituminous coal - 6,600 pounds worth dug out of the extensive mine tunnels that honeycombed the earth beneath the town's straight, sidewalked streets.’
    • ‘Germany's chief natural resources are iron ore, bituminous coal and lignite, potash, timber, lignite, natural gas, salt, and nickel.’
    • ‘This is largely due to a combination of factors including our weather, the eradication of smoky bituminous coal in many urban areas during the 1980s and the early 1990s and the introduction of unleaded petrol.’
    • ‘When the C&O was completed through the New River Gorge in 1873, vast amounts of bituminous coal were made available to this industry.’
    • ‘In West Virginia and Kentucky extensive branch lines tapped the rich bituminous coal fields, from which the C&O's wealth has flowed.’


bituminous coal