Definition of bittercress in English:



  • A plant with small white flowers, which grows widely as a temperate weed, especially in damp soils.

    Genus Cardamine, family Cruciferae: several species

    • ‘The woods contain an area of rare wet woodland - a government priority habitat - featuring rare marsh marigold and bittercress.’
    • ‘Other rare taxa associated with long's bittercress in Massachusetts include parker's pipewort (Eriocaulon parkeri Robinson), river arrowhead, and estuary beggar-ticks (Bidens hyperborea (T.&G.)’
    • ‘Canlamine impatiens L., the narrowleaf bittercress, is an annual or biennial herb native to Eurasia that has become naturalized in many parts of the eastern United States.’
    • ‘Fergus and Miles are two of the country's top professional foragers, scouring the countryside for everything from bittercress to dandelions for London's most savvy chefs.’
    • ‘Fleabane or hairy bittercress would scarcely have had the same appeal.’
    • ‘We hypothesize that seed production and viability alone are not important factors in limiting long's bittercress population size and population growth.’
    • ‘Some weeds, such as chickweed, common groundsel, and bittercress, may germinate and grow at almost any time of year.’