Definition of bitter orange in English:

bitter orange


  • another term for Seville orange
    • ‘Included in the recipe are aloe, bay leaves, absinthe, anise seeds, bitter oranges, basil, cardamom, nutmeg, peppermint, and saffron.’
    • ‘Even worse, bitter orange can have effects similar to those caused by ephedra, which elevates blood pressure, stresses the nervous system, and has been responsible for a hundred-odd deaths and thousands of strokes and heart attacks.’
    • ‘‘It's a fizzy soft drink that tastes like bitter orange,’ Paul answered with that superior sort of smile on his face.’
    • ‘I also had some sultana raisins and candied zest of bitter oranges from Spain.’
    • ‘The real McCoy is always made with bitter oranges from Seville and is a revelation.’
    • ‘For the bitter orange marmalade, in a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine the bitter orange juice, sugar, and orange slices.’
    • ‘Luckily, the orange component came from a tasty sauce dominated by slightly bitter orange rind and so my fears were averted.’
    • ‘Is made from the peel and skin of bitter oranges and has a licorice flavor.’
    • ‘On the hit list: bitter orange, aristolochic acid and usnic acid - all used for weight loss, and chaparral, comfrey, willow bark and wormwood.’
    • ‘That sauce you see is bitter orange and it was a nice complement.’
    • ‘Moreover, it is the Galliano liqueur that imparts those vanilla and anise notes to your Harvey Wallbanger, and Cointreau is responsible for the spiky, bitter orange flavours in the Margarita, the Metropolitan and the Cosmopolitan.’
    • ‘Deep brown with cocoa, rich and tender, each fist-sized cake holds a well of creamy ricotta sexed up with bourbon and bitter orange, with a few chocolate chips for good measure.’
    • ‘The first pot of marmalade was made in 1741 by the wife of a Dundee trader - an expert jam-maker, she made it when her husband was sent a consignment of bitter oranges by mistake from Spain.’
    • ‘Synephrine: This product is an extract from a fruit called bitter orange, also known by its scientific name Citrus aurantium, and it may be listed on product labels as zhi shi.’
    • ‘About 300 workers are employed picking bitter oranges - used in Cointreau liqueur - at the operation, which is part-owned by the French beverage giant Remy Cointreau.’
    • ‘We are sending you our Guide to Grapefruit Interactions so that you can learn more about the medicines that might interact with bitter orange.’
    • ‘There are many different kinds of gliko, for example made with muscat grapes, immature green walnuts, bitter oranges (or any citrus fruits picked when they are still small and green), small unripe figs, and sour or sweet cherries.’
    • ‘We have to be content with the orange blossom that blooms so sweetly for just ten days every spring before all those bitter oranges are picked and shipped off to Dundee for our breakfast marmalade.’
    • ‘The thermo effect was then increased by adding Synephrine - the active ingredient found in the extract of the fruit Citrus aurantium, otherwise known as bitter orange.’
    • ‘Like grapefruit, bitter orange can boost blood levels of many medications and increase the risk of side effects.’