Definition of bitter-ender in English:



  • 1A person who holds out until the end, no matter what.

    ‘bitter-enders who speak their mind no matter what the cost’
    • ‘Whether they deserved the bulk of the credit for the downfall of the Treaty or not, Sherman and his fellow bitter-enders were both relieved and satisfied by the conclusion to Wilson's peace proposal.’
    • ‘Remember when he said the insurgency was comprised of dead-enders, bitter-enders and thugs?’
    • ‘Even bitter-ender James Carville has conceded: ‘We are an opposition party, and as of right now, not a particularly effective one.’’
    • ‘We have heard such language as dead-enders, bitter-enders before, without discrete, definitive descriptions of the enemies that are being faced by American troops.’
    • ‘I'll ask him what happened to those bitter-enders and the dead-enders the Pentagon used to talk about.’
    • ‘The vast majority were not bitter-enders, not insurgents and certainly not terrorists.’
    • ‘Otherwise, he becomes a bitter-ender whose vote may in the end not be big enough to matter anyway, thus squandering his advantage.’
    • ‘Yet the American bitter-enders see no problem with Americans dying in the streets in an American city.’
    • ‘His own war name was ‘Bittereinder ‘(bitter-ender).’’
    • ‘What we are fighting here are a bunch of bitter-enders from the old regime.’
    • ‘The purpose of the tapes was to rally these small group of bitter-enders.’
    • ‘Council members are scornful of U.S. suggestions that they forgo the death penalty for criminals convicted of war crimes; they think a tougher message needs to be sent to bitter-enders.’
    • ‘Barring some bitter-enders, it seems many former Taliban fighters now realize their future lies within the country's democratic political process, not against it.’
    • ‘At least Paulitz adds that Hutchison will not necessarily be a bitter-ender: ‘It's not no-repeal-ever.’’
    • ‘Not the least among these bitter-enders was Keynes, whose magnum opus - his misnamed ‘General Theory’ - revolves around little more than an attempt to dismiss his own cheap misrepresentation of what Say had taught.’
    • ‘Even de la Rey, an arch bitter-ender, said that everything had been sacrificed - cattle, goods, money, wives and children - and asked, ‘Isn't this the bitter end?’’
    • ‘The fact of the matter is, we are facing a small group of bitter-enders who are basically trying to turn the tide of history.’
    1. 1.1 (in southern African history) a Boer who refused to surrender towards the end of the Second Boer War.
      • ‘De Wet was left the remaining die-hard against surrender, a true bitter-ender.’
      • ‘His father was a “bitter-ender” in the Boer war who refused to give up his guns in defeat and named his son after a dead Boer general.’
      • ‘A "bitter ender," he soldiered as a guerrilla through the last stages of the war, riding south on that astonishing, bold Boer invasion of Cape Colony.’