Definition of Bitrex in English:



  • [mass noun] A bitter-tasting synthetic organic compound added to cleaning fluids or other products to make them unpalatable.

    • ‘The lab experts finally identified the fluid through a taste test; one brave technician detected the presence of a bittering agent known as denatonium benzoate (trade name Bitrex).’
    • ‘Snail bait pellets are still the choice of many gardeners, particularly since the child & animal paste deterrent ‘Bitrex’ has been added.’
    • ‘When buying snail pellets, be sure that it contains ‘Bitrex’ which acts as a taste deterrent to children.’’
    • ‘It tasted bitter, very bitter - bitterer than a beer brewed from the most horribly burnt hops, infused with that Bitrex stuff they put in bleach to discourage kids from swallowing, and topped off with essence of Greg Dyke.’


1960s: an invented name.