Definition of bitonal in English:



  • (of music) having parts in two different keys sounding together.

    • ‘The Tarant music was interesting to write, because it's bitonal, or at least bimodal.’
    • ‘The violins thirds quiveringly descend from the climax to a low F and the final quatrain returns to narration, over the fiddle's sustained bitonal notes.’
    • ‘Since preparations alter the ‘feel’ of the keyboard, it is helpful to first learn this comical, bitonal piece without them.’
    • ‘Frequent bitonal writing in keys a tone apart adds grit to her harmony.’
    • ‘Its bitonal ostinato and airy, whimsical melodies floating above create a convincing aural equivalent of a mirage.’
    • ‘A free-flowing fantasia, it uses bitonal harmonic clashes in its depiction of man's yearning to transcend nature and create the amoral figure of the Superman, the being of the future who is ‘beyond good and evil’.’
    • ‘Aboriginal songs include many kinds of vocalizations ranging from growling, grunting, and shrieking to bitonal syllabic chanting.’
    • ‘The bitonal opening of the quartet is arresting, with first violin playing the opening theme in C# over a drone chord of C major in the three accompanying instruments.’
    • ‘The treatments, however, differ startlingly, Flos campi (with its bitonal opening) owing less to traditional counterpoint and more to a vision of simultaneous planes of sound.’