Definition of bitmap in English:



  • A representation in which each item corresponds to one or more bits of information, especially the information used to control the display of a computer screen.

    • ‘Most programmers eventually have to manipulate bitmaps for icons or toolbars, and most programmers don't have a good bitmap editor available.’
    • ‘This version used bitmaps for each menu screen, rather than text-based menus.’
    • ‘For static items like a dialog box, bitmaps are enough.’
    • ‘Databases can store resources such as bitmaps, executable code, forms and more.’
    • ‘It is well matched with creating, transforming and outputting digital images of a photographic nature which share common pixels in a bitmap.’


[with object]Computing
  • Represent (an item) as a bitmap.

    ‘a bitmapped background’
    • ‘The idea was to offer serious readers digitized and bitmapped versions of books from every age, allowing both access to the text as a corpus, and as a set of specially designed original pages.’
    • ‘No bitmapped scans are these: our postscript images will print crisply at any size.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, you will still need to import graphics and any images that are bitmapped.’
    • ‘As noted above, the Acronis offering takes a bitmapped image of the disk while still in Windows and then monitors subsequent write operations.’
    • ‘If the design of your hard copy resume includes columns, bullets or bitmapped graphics, adapt a less complex layout for your e-mail version.’