Definition of biternate in English:



  • (especially of a ternate leaf) having leaflets or other parts that are further subdivided in a ternate arrangement.

    • ‘Both the basal and lower stem leaves are shaggy-haired underneath and biternate, with the leaflets or ultimate segments broadly wedge-shaped.’
    • ‘The leaves are biternate and appear intermediate between those of tree and herbaceous peonies.’
    • ‘It follows that biternate leaves are doubly ternate, with the ternate divisions again ternately divided.’
    • ‘Although leaves in the Paeonia delavayi complex are always biternate, the leaf segments are quite variable in number, length, and width.’
    • ‘Both C. elata and C. rubifolia possess biternate leaves with large palmate terminal leaflets with five principal veins.’