Definition of biter in English:



  • See bite

    • ‘The most ferocious biters among mammals aren't lions, tigers, or wolves, but meat-eating marsupials, a new study says.’
    • ‘Jackson is a biter, unfortunately, and he likes to bite my shoulder after I take him out of the bath.’
    • ‘Named after its white-striped legs, the tiger mosquito is a vicious biter that transmits tropical viruses including dengue fever, yellow fever and forms of encephalitis.’
    • ‘Unless the bitee is severely allergic to the biter's venom, what will usually result is some swelling, chest pains and fever.’
    • ‘I would like to add that every dog is potentially a biter, and that it takes early bite-inhibition training and thorough socialization to minimize the chances of a dog losing its cool.’