Definition of bit of rough in English:

bit of rough


  • A male sexual partner whose toughness or lack of sophistication is a source of attraction.

    ‘the actor is fast becoming everyone favourite bit of rough’
    • ‘The heroine of Martinu's Mirandolina seduces a self-confessed misogynist, only to reconfirm his prejudices when she dumps him for a bit of rough.’
    • ‘So, whilst many gay men like a bit of rough there are obviously many who like a bit of posh.’
    • ‘If anyone ever needs proof that he is more than a meat-fisted warrior and rather attractive bit of rough, they should watch this film.’
    • ‘This reading implies that the tragedy could have been averted if only Beatrice had recognised her longing for a bit of rough, and had not pretended to fancy the aristocratic squares a woman of her class was expected to marry.’
    • ‘I always knew I'm just a bit of rough while you rebound from the divorce.’
    • ‘‘They've cottoned on to me as a bit of northern erotica,’ he has jokingly said of the women that turn up to his readings, ‘a bit of rough.’’
    • ‘So what, she's his little bit of rough on the side?’
    • ‘Beers not cocktails are the order of the day but you might pick up a nice bit of rough on the way out.’
    • ‘And she switches expertly from the upper crust wife yearning for a bit of rough to the cold company strategist.’
    • ‘But Bourne creates a parallel story in which the hero's neglected fiancée, Glenda, is picked up by a check-shirted, trumpet-playing bit of rough.’