Definition of bit of fluff (or skirt or stuff) in English:

bit of fluff (or skirt or stuff)


  • A woman regarded in sexual terms.

    • ‘I saw you and your bit of stuff at a bar last night.’
    • ‘I could've gone there with this girl called Pearl who was a great bit of stuff.’
    • ‘There is so much stuff you get put up for where you are obviously just the bit of fluff, even if you have brains and wear trousers all the time.’
    • ‘The fact that they can do this is due to (amongst other things) the glass ceiling, and the fact that many positions of authority are occupied by sleazy old men who see women as nothing more than a nice bit of skirt.’
    • ‘Mind you, last time I went to a match I was with my dad and it could be that I was mistaken for his bit of stuff (it's happened before).’
    • ‘They wouldn't want a ruler with a bit of stuff on the side.’
    • ‘I was afraid of committing to one person, I'm a flighty, teasing bit of fluff.’
    • ‘Fella will become a symbol, showing that even an average schlub can land a sizzling bit of skirt.’
    • ‘We are his fallback, his bit of stuff until something better comes along.’
    • ‘I loved the way she turned out to be a ruthless undercover agent and not a bit of fluff after all.’