Definition of bit by bit in English:

bit by bit


  • Gradually:

    ‘bit by bit the truth started to emerge’
    • ‘With that I go on again, begin to build, and fail, and learn another thing, and so it goes on, as bit by bit what I learn rises up like a stone wall.’
    • ‘But if there are more films like Promises, perhaps, bit by bit, awareness will grow.’
    • ‘When you meet your goals bit by bit, you will no doubt feel a sense of accomplishment which will be an incentive to move on.’
    • ‘This got wilder and wilder until, bit by bit, the entire drum set was collapsing onto the floor under the fury of this onslaught.’
    • ‘When we are replenished in our spirit, we go back into the liberal culture, changing it bit by bit.’
    • ‘He had received medical help, was in counselling, had been given a flat and was trying bit by bit to put his life back together again.’
    • ‘My family moved house while I was in London, and I've been going through the boxes from the old house bit by bit.’
    • ‘The lesson is, undo communism slowly, bit by bit, and don't expect democracy overnight.’
    • ‘We gave away a big chunk of our sovereignty in 1972, and since then, bit by bit, we have been ceding more and more of it.’
    • ‘Left with the core essence of his basically decent character, he then sets about rebuilding his life, bit by bit.’
    gradually, little by little, in stages, step by step, slowly, one step at a time
    assist, help, lend a hand, be of service, give one's support, give one's backing, contribute, chip in, throw in one's lot
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