Definition of biserial in English:



Botany Zoology
  • Arranged in or consisting of two series or rows.

    • ‘Uniserial budding produces a chain (runner or branch) one zooid wide, whereas, colonies that are biserial, zooids share one wall and result in a strip two zooids wide.’
    • ‘As in non - stelleroid echinoderms, asteroid ambulacrals form a biserial column.’
    • ‘Some rhipidocystids have standard biserial brachioles whereas others have uniserial brachioles.’
    • ‘Another biserial morphotype with a coiled pattern is produced by relatively narrow ranges of all parameters and resembles simple spiral morphotypes with two series of chambers.’
    • ‘For instance, they cannot model gradual or abrupt changes of growth modes that cause different chamber arrangements during ontogeny, such as planispiral and switching to biserial or streptospiral to uniserial.’