Definition of biscuit jointer in English:

biscuit jointer


  • A tool used to cut slots into pieces of wood so that they can be joined using a biscuit.

    See biscuit (sense 4 of the noun)
    • ‘In the metal box for the biscuit jointer I found the the adapter with the dust bag, and another adapter that had a round port.’
    • ‘The biscuit jointer uses a small, carbide-tipped circular saw blade to cut matching half-circle slots in the edges of two boards that are being joined.’
    • ‘All biscuit jointers on the market will make cuts at 90 and 45 degrees.’
    • ‘As the course progresses, you will be shown other aspects of furniture making, such as the use of hand routers and biscuit jointers.’
    • ‘It also covers the Lamello biscuit jointer and the Dewalt biscuit jointer.’
    • ‘The professional biscuit jointer incorporates integral fence with rack and pinion height adjustment for precise vertical positioning.’
    • ‘Using a biscuit jointer is similar to doing mortise-and-loose-tenon construction, except it's as if someone has already created the loose tenons for you.’
    • ‘We recommend using a top gauge on your biscuit jointer to set your slot instead of using the base plate.’
    • ‘But if I were to buy another biscuit jointer, I would be very tempted to try the Ryobi at half the price.’
    • ‘Once an obscure workshop tool, the biscuit jointer has gained popularity greatly over recent years, and a good selection of tools are now available.’
    • ‘I bought the DeWalt biscuit jointer, and it has been absolute simplicity to use.’
    • ‘The biscuit jointer is guided between two columns and moved towards the workpiece on an angle width stop.’
    • ‘I've read a bunch of woodworking books and I've always seen biscuit jointers mentioned.’
    • ‘It tells how to widen the biscuit slot on biscuit jointers, and why this should be done.’