Definition of biscuit beetle in English:

biscuit beetle


  • A small beetle related to the furniture beetle, with larvae that feed on dried foodstuffs and stored products such as biscuits, pasta, and seeds.

    Stegobium paniceum, family Anobiidae

    Also called drugstore beetle
    • ‘The female biscuit beetle lays its eggs either in food stuffs or the surrounding areas.’
    • ‘It has the reputation as a biscuit beetle or bread borer and develops on a wide variety of grain and food products, including spices, dried macaroni, drugs, and paper products.’
    • ‘Then again, how do biscuit beetles come to be thriving on the lining of the painting?’
    • ‘There are also thousands of lesser-known beetles that live off dried pulses at the back of cupboards - mine turned out to be biscuit beetles: harmless bugs, common in old houses.’
    • ‘Carpet beetles, biscuit beetles, silverfish, and many cockroaches have developed a taste for the paste in the bindings (the beetles also like leather bindings themselves).’
    • ‘Grain and grain products such as couscous should be transferred to an airtight container and kept in a cool, dark place to optimise their shelf life and prevent infestation from mice and tiny black biscuit beetles.’
    • ‘Stored food pests, such as the biscuit beetle and flour beetle, are notoriously difficult to detect until they are present in large numbers.’
    • ‘Woodworm, death-watch beetle, clothes moth and biscuit beetle were the main offenders; freezing artefacts at - 30C for 72 hours can remove all stages of infestation and this service is available to the public.’
    • ‘The biscuit beetle causes serious problems for the food industry due to its widespread occurrence and its ability to breach most forms of food packaging.’
    • ‘All other treatments including bees, wasps, ants, silver fish, biscuit beetles, psocids, fleas, woodlice and earwigs are charged at £27.30.’
    • ‘Stegobium paniceum, the biscuit beetle, is about 2 mm long, elongated and brown.’
    • ‘This covers a variety of insects including biscuit beetle, grain weevil, flour beetles, grain beetles to mention a few and all have similar methods of control.’
    • ‘The eggs of the biscuit beetle are pearly white, and are not easily seen with the naked eye.’
    • ‘She also told Teesside Crown Court yesterday that waste was allowed to build up in the food preparation area of the premises and dough infected with fruit flies and biscuit beetles was found on a worktop.’
    • ‘In addition to this there is the biscuit beetle and the Australian and Golden spider beetles just to mention a few.’
    • ‘Stegobium paniceum is the species name for the biscuit beetle (US: drugstore beetle, DK: brødbille).’
    • ‘Household pests include bed bugs, biscuit beetles, hide beetles and larder beetles, carpet beetles, fur beetles and black carpet beetles, fungus beetles, plaster beetles, cockroaches, Pharaoh's ants, and fleas.’
    • ‘In 1997, the gallery had to remove the painting from display when it was discovered that an infestation of biscuit beetles were eating their way through the relining canvas at the back.’
    • ‘Last year I discovered biscuit beetles in my bedroom.’