Definition of biscuit barrel in English:

biscuit barrel


  • A small barrel-shaped container for biscuits.

    • ‘Fortunately it seems we're well stocked with provisions, because someone keeps proudly shaking a biscuit barrel as impromptu percussion.’
    • ‘If I should feel hungry between meals I eat a piece of fruit rather than raiding the cake tin or the biscuit barrel.’
    • ‘Knox created a wide range of functional items for the home, including trays, biscuit barrels, plates, picture frames, vases, candlesticks, chamber sticks and candelabra.’
    • ‘My excursion to this company's biscuit barrel proves somewhat less than fruitful.’
    • ‘Anyone who ever drummed their fingers on the top of a biscuit barrel or shook a box of matches will love it.’
    • ‘Make something delicious that will get the taste buds going, something that will fill you up sufficiently to give you the strength to avoid the biscuit barrel later on.’
    • ‘While the former can be turned into baskets, bowls or tureens, the latter can, by the addition of lids, become biscuit barrels or ice buckets.’
    • ‘The delightful job I finished yesterday had few perks, there was a biscuit barrel but they were 10 cents each.’
    • ‘She would still ask if she could get a biscuit from the biscuit barrel, she would still ask if we were planning on watching anything so she could change the channel, even if we weren't in the room.’
    • ‘Typically, a cottage teapot will fetch £20 to £40, biscuit barrels much the same, a single cup and saucer such as the one illustrating this article will fetch perhaps £8 to £12, and a full tea service of this type, perhaps £60 to £80.’
    • ‘There is nothing like the thought of baring all in a bikini to keep your hand out of the biscuit barrel.’


biscuit barrel