Definition of biryani in English:


(also biriani, biriyani)


mass noun
  • An Indian dish made with highly seasoned rice and meat, fish, or vegetables.

    ‘prawn biryani’
    • ‘Our oysters tasted fresh and the chicken biryani had a good Indian flavour to it.’
    • ‘The biryani, cooked with pilau rice and served with a vegetable curry, was a little hotter than you would expect from a usually mild dish, but that extra spice solicited no complaints.’
    • ‘At weddings, a common food is biryani, a rice dish with lamb or beef and a blend of spices, particularly saffron.’
    • ‘For supper, those travelling in the economy and executive class are being offered chicken biriyani or vegetable biriyani.’
    • ‘The British consumer, long familiar with biryanis and bhunas and increasingly sophisticated about spicy flavours, is ready to try something new.’
    • ‘Among the items are curd rice, vegetable biriyani, tandoori naan/roti, tomato garlic rasam, choice of dosas, appam, vendakka pachadi, ulli chena thiyal, kaalan and olan.’
    • ‘Louise, being vegetarian, had fewer options, including chana masala, sag aloo and vegetable biryani.’
    • ‘The average vegetable biryani contains 685 calories and 43g of fat, apparently.’
    • ‘Team these with biryani, curried shrimp noodles, fried rice in roasted chilli paste, and grilled spring chicken.’
    • ‘The Bay's menu is vast, featuring traditional dishes of every kind including balti, tandoori, biryani, korma, bhuna, rogan josh - and even English dishes.’
    • ‘These include Indian pilaf and biriani dishes; meat and poultry preparations such as Shahi raan (royal roast leg of lamb with saffron raisin sauce); and desserts such as kheer.’
    • ‘The menu includes homemade curries and biryanis and exotic dishes such as avulose unda, puttu, kadala and pazham pori.’
    • ‘There will be two non-vegetarian and two vegetarian biriyani dishes every day.’
    • ‘At a reception this week, a rice dish, or biryani, was studded with fat chunks of saffron-flavored lobster, promoting digestion, yes, but also delicious.’
    • ‘I give him time to get away, then walk down Peachy Hill to get away from his intrusion, and get a vegetable biriani from an Indian restaurant.’
    • ‘The buffet will have two types of non-veg. biryanis, and one veg. biryani, accompanied by salads and three desserts.’
    • ‘Malabar's own dishes such as biriyani, pathiri, halwa, banana chips, etc., can hardly escape a gourmet's attention.’
    • ‘They trooped to the stalls put up by Annapoorna and Elite hotels and happily dug into fish biriyani, fish fried rice, fish with chapatti and just good ol’ fish.’
    • ‘The large selection of vegetarian entrées starts at $7.95 for red lentils cooked with onions, tomatoes and cumin, and runs up to $12.95 for the vegetable biryani.’
    • ‘With a quick demo of every day dishes that could be cooked, from snacks, biryani and curries to cakes, the master chef sure made the microwave cooking seem easy and convenient.’


Urdu, from Persian biryāni, from biriyān ‘fried, grilled’.