Definition of birthing pool in English:

birthing pool


  • A large bath in which a woman may give birth.

    • ‘Tess was born on December 27 2001 in the birthing pool in the Devizes hospital.’
    • ‘Their baby girl, Alena, was born at Trowbridge Hospital on Saturday at 10.55 pm in a birthing pool.’
    • ‘Mums in mid Essex will be able to have their babies delivered in a new birthing pool at St Peter's Hospital in Maldon, which was officially opened by John Whittingdale MP on Valentine's Day.’
    • ‘I'll have a birthing pool, whale music, a Margarita on the side and a ciggie in one hand.’
    • ‘Now women can choose how they have their babies: in birthing rooms, birthing pools, standing up, squatting, lit by candles, at home - this is the face of pregnancy in the 21st century and it is a change I wholeheartedly approve of.’
    • ‘All being well, we'll be in the birthing centre rather than the delivery suite because it's a much more relaxed atmosphere, where you can have your own music playing, go in the birthing pool, or lie around on bean bags.’
    • ‘The birthing pool is also becoming increasingly popular with around 60 per cent of women using it.’
    • ‘I had gas and air for pain relief and used the birthing pool.’
    • ‘Michel Odent, who is perhaps best known for introducing birthing pools to obstetric wards, has written a slim but provocative book on the subject of love.’
    • ‘The staff at the unit were great and I gave birth in the birthing pool.’
    • ‘Until then, women wanting to give birth in water will have to continue to either hire their own birthing pools, or travel to the maternity units at Devizes or Malmesbury, where the facilities are available.’
    • ‘Under an additional £10 million agreement, the borough's residents now have access to a birthing pool and MRI scanner for the first time.’
    • ‘Wellington, who wanted a water birth, was more impressed by specialist birthing pools available at St John's compared to those on offer at the new ERI.’
    • ‘The couple, however, made it in time and Mrs Watson gave birth to Zoe in the birthing pool soon after arriving at the unit.’
    • ‘I was most concerned that the birthing pool would be too busy for me to use.’
    • ‘She had decided on a home birth, with a birthing pool, and wanted to be surrounded by people she trusted when the big day came.’
    • ‘And it's reported that the actress has had a birthing pool installed in her home, just in case she can't decide where to have the baby.’
    • ‘A full term male infant weighing 3150 g was born in the birthing pool of the labour ward of our hospital.’
    • ‘A smaller number of women have also used an older birthing pool in the hospital's labour wards.’
    • ‘Yet if she is in a birthing pool it would be unlawful forcibly to remove her against her wishes and the midwife would have no choice but to deliver her in the pool.’