Definition of birthdate in English:



  • The date on which a person was born.

    • ‘Personal details include name of offender, address, birthdate, date of conviction, crime convicted for, and time served.’
    • ‘My birthdate is available in several biographical dictionaries (Who's Who, for example) but beware!’
    • ‘These records included personal information such as birthdates, county of birth and mother's maiden name.’
    • ‘Several Romanian gymnasts have said their birthdates were changed.’
    • ‘Their names, birthdates, and birthplaces can now be confirmed by the family records and the population census.’
    • ‘You also get the birthdates and the correct pronunciation and nicknames for players.’
    • ‘Somebody out there knows about my kids, their numbers and obviously their birthdates; anything their social security number can bring up.’
    • ‘The closer the subject's birthdate is to the mid-twentieth century and the more he or she has attracted the attention of cameras and microphones, the better the chances that this particular episode will be absorbing.’
    • ‘No record exists of his birthdate, although he was baptized on April 26th, suggesting that he was born no more than a week earlier.’
    • ‘While only the names, addresses, birthplaces, and birthdates of voters are thought to be included in the voting data obtained by ChoicePoint, drivers' license records contain home telephone numbers for six million Mexicans.’
    • ‘The caller then said, ‘I need to know your birthdate.’’
    • ‘For instance, you could put in a spouse's name, children's names and birthdates.’
    • ‘They have, for the first time, marked Wilson's birthdate - March 15, 1825.’
    • ‘They confirmed the birthdates for my brother and me, but my sister's biological mother said she was actually born on February 13.’
    • ‘Users can browse profiles by relevant attributes such as name, class, birthdates, and more importantly, favorite movies and music.’
    • ‘Registrants can be asked for the names, addresses, phone numbers and birthdates of their parents.’
    • ‘However, even if they are significant, there's at least one quite reasonable way I can think of in which accident rates could be tied to birthdate.’
    • ‘This will include birthdate, birth town, parents' names, including his mother's maiden name, which is hard to get otherwise.’
    • ‘Conception dates of hyena litters were calculated by subtracting the gestation period of 110 days from birthdates.’
    • ‘He was 84 or 86, depending on which birthdate you buy, and living in rural Oregon, retired from the movies since the early 1990s.’