Definition of birth sign in English:

birth sign


  • The zodiacal sign through which the sun is passing when a person is born.

    • ‘In other words, there's chaos, but if you see the constellation - in this case, Leo, which is my birth sign - there's order, too.’
    • ‘We sit and chill with Rocwilda, the Def Squad, their harem of ladies, and discuss birth signs.’
    • ‘After confirming their own birth sign and learning what their constellation really looked like in our southern skies, they entered the tunnel that led to the dome.’
    • ‘As his birthday approached in 1941, Neptune would be in opposition to his birth sign.’
    • ‘Their birth signs are based on their birthdays, just like their owners.’
    • ‘Each of the houses in the project is unique, and each can be decorated according to the birth sign of the owner to ensure prosperity.’
    • ‘I got this name from checking out my birth sign under Celtic astrology and came upon the Celtic tree calendar.’
    • ‘She then contacted the mother of a child who also had OCD, who first asked her the birth sign of the woman's daughter.’
    • ‘Those born in any other Year of the Horse - which comes every 12 years - might wear red shoes, belts or bracelets to repel evil spirits during the year of their birth sign.’
    • ‘The craze continues today, Ruizendaal said, with televised puppet shows and Web sites dedicated to puppets that provide information on each character's biography and birth sign, even their blood type.’
    • ‘Director Michael Daley claimed that details of the painting were altered or painted over, including a Libra birth sign disappearing from the cylindrical dial.’
    • ‘The company's founder, Ferrucio Lamborghini, was born in May and so chose the Taurus birth sign as his company's logo.’
    • ‘In his current drive for stability in Indonesia, the president will need the traits of his birth sign more than ever.’
    • ‘This birth sign reports the highest number of claims overall.’
    • ‘The basic gist of this book seems to be just that: forget about being matched to your birth sign, you take qualities from all of them!’
    • ‘That was her nickname for me, since my birth sign was Virgo.’
    • ‘Practically everyone knows his birth sign and almost everyone knows something about his own birth sign.’