Definition of birth control in English:

birth control


mass noun
  • The practice of preventing unwanted pregnancies, especially by use of contraception.

    • ‘Women, in particular, have always known methods and techniques of birth control and contraception.’
    • ‘There is now more emphasis on education and on understanding the pros and cons of various methods of birth control.’
    • ‘Intrauterine devices, or IUDs, are a long-term method of birth control.’
    • ‘They're divided, of course, and distracted by their own dramas of birth control and marriage.’
    • ‘Every girl has heard rumors of methods of birth control that are obviously untrue.’
    • ‘There are, to be sure, many women who have no access to safe or easy birth control.’
    • ‘Chinese women can now consult a new website for scientific information about health and birth control.’
    • ‘Before oral contraceptives, condoms were the most common method of reversible birth control.’
    • ‘We want to see policies that expand access to birth control and reproductive health services.’
    • ‘Another method of birth control must be used until the blockage is confirmed.’
    • ‘I had a neighbour once - she had children already and got pregnant actually using birth control.’
    • ‘Either way both of these are really poor choices for birth control and should only be used as a last resort.’
    • ‘Some forms of birth control are more effective at preventing pregnancy than others.’
    • ‘Advances in birth control have partially taken care of that factor, but it goes deeper.’
    • ‘I of course would be more in favor of birth control but that doesn't always work and can actually be dangerous.’
    • ‘Abortion was considered a primary form of birth control during the last few decades of the Soviet Union.’
    • ‘If we do not, then it is apparent that some form of birth control must be implemented.’
    • ‘Additionally, males and females may have distinct barriers to using birth control.’
    • ‘Pregnancy during treatment must be avoided and some type of birth control should be used.’
    • ‘The history of birth control is not a subject that is covered in most schools.’


birth control