Definition of Birman in English:



  • A cat of a long-haired breed, typically with a cream body, dark head, tail, and legs, and white paws.

    • ‘Also known as the ‘Sacred Cat of Burma’, the Birman is truly a cat of mystery whose origins remain uncertain.’
    • ‘The ideal Birman is a large, strongly built, elongated and stocky cat, neither svelte nor cobby.’
    • ‘Just scroll down the list of Birman catteries below and click on the ‘details’ link to view more information, kitten pictures, and complete contact information.’
    • ‘I own a clean cattery in Adelaide, South Australia, and am a registered Birman breeder with the GCCFSA.’
    • ‘It is necessary for Birman to be groomed daily.’
    • ‘In all probability the soulmates that joined forces to create the Birman were Siamese cats and longhair, bicolored Angoras.’
    • ‘The distinguishing colours of the Birman are those of the Siamese.’
    • ‘The beautiful and affectionate Birman cat is most commonly available in the seal point and blue point colors.’
    • ‘My Birman, Karma, was quite offended at this intrusion, but he finally adapted.’
    • ‘There are CFA clubs devoted to the promotion, protection and preservation of the Birman breed.’
    • ‘The Birman chin should be well developed, and the eyes not round but with a slightly flattened top.’
    • ‘Felicity, a nine year-old Bluepoint Birman, is owned by Sharon.’
    • ‘There is a lot of confusion regarding the genetics of the four traditional Birman point colors.’
    • ‘A good show Birman requires a round, broad head with full cheeks and a medium sized nose.’


Variant of Burman.