Definition of Birkenstock in English:



  • 1A type of shoe or sandal with a contoured cork-filled sole and a thick leather upper.

    • ‘At the risk of being stripped of my right to wear Birkenstocks, I have to admit that the courtship rituals of the 1950s make me feel a little wistful.’
    • ‘I admit that in the last few years I have traded in the Birkenstocks for pumps.’
    • ‘It was the perfect day, everyone was wearing Birkenstocks and prancing about.’
    • ‘She prefers Birkenstocks to Ferragamos and remembers Woodstock like it was yesterday.’
    • ‘Does casual mean you could come to work in track pants and Birkenstocks, or does it just mean that you aren't required to wear a tie?’
    1. 1.1as modifier Denoting people concerned with political correctness or Green issues.
      ‘homebuilders are no longer content to leave environmentalism to the Birkenstock crowd’
      • ‘One might think that my only audience would be the Birkenstock nature-lovers and 14-year-old kids porting around their first guitars - and I do do well with that crowd.’
      • ‘That the Birkenstock crowd marching down Market Street shouting ‘no blood for oil’ is partly responsible for the suburb / SUV disaster is particularly insightful.’
      • ‘If you are looking for the perfect gift for that politically incorrect curmudgeon who derives equal pleasure in sending both the Birkenstock crowd and the Buchanan brigades in to fits of epileptic seizures this is it.’
      • ‘The Stirling Organic Markets in the Adelaide Hills are usually the spot for a Birkenstock bivouac - not the sort of place where you expect to find the idiot scions of the ruling class.’
      • ‘She defends technology, but from a completely different point of view; her topic today is ‘bomb-throwing Birkenstock brats.’’


1970s: from the name of the manufacturer.