Definition of birdlike in English:



  • Resembling a bird in appearance or behaviour.

    ‘a mythical birdlike creature’
    ‘he had a birdlike face with a beakish nose’
    ‘she was birdlike and frail’
    • ‘From the start he felt separated from other children by the scars that disfigured his bird-like face.’
    • ‘With bird-like grace her tiny hands spread over the instrument, ringing the strangest mix of classical, traditional, and indie.’
    • ‘Clutched loosely with one bird-like hand, was a massive scythe.’
    • ‘Just then, from the sky, a huge bird-like creature swoops down.’
    • ‘The enigmatic pilferer was working to retrieve his family's sacred book The Thievius Raccoonus, stolen by the dastardly mechanical Clockwerk, a bird-like villain who did away with Sly's parents when he was young.’
    • ‘He is an outwardly jaunty, bird-like figure haunted by the loss of his wife, Jessie.’
    • ‘The heart-wrenching transmutation of a once calm but stern voice into an almost bird-like cry of despair infected the surrounding cages like an air-borne virus.’
    • ‘She retains the curve to suggest, in combination with her bird-like gaze, a charming whimsicality.’
    • ‘A bird-like shriek caught her attention.’
    • ‘Her voice is quavery and bird-like, soft, fragile, and attractive.’
    • ‘On the second track, there is actually what appears to be a loop of a bird-like electronic chirping.’
    • ‘Her voice was bird-like, the trill of a mockingbird, ever changing, ever shifting.’
    • ‘A small, bird-like woman, in later years troubled by failing eyesight and arthritis, she was renowned for her piety, sponsoring the publication of devotional literature.’
    • ‘I always prefer this to apple pie, which has too much fruit and pastry for my bird-like appetite.’
    • ‘He tilted his head to one side in an almost bird-like manner.’
    • ‘Several different groups of bird-like dinosaurs had evolved.’
    • ‘He finds a large bird-like creature.’
    • ‘A pretty bird-like woman whose daughter resembled her, she looked precise and almost dapper in a chocolate-coloured pencil skirt and flowing blouse.’
    • ‘He depicted two mysterious, bird-like figures in brown and black and bits of red.’
    • ‘The shuffling enigma, head occasionally cocked in bird-like inquisitiveness, befriends his fellow patients to mesmerising and medically undefinable effect.’