Definition of birdcage in English:



  • A cage for pet birds, typically made of wire or cane.

    • ‘Lovers date in teahouses; strangers come for blind dates; elderly people carry their birdcages and busy folk jabber into their mobile phones.’
    • ‘And for your surprise, he is not shut in a birdcage.’
    • ‘He carried the birdcage to a different place daily.’
    • ‘Standing in the kitchen looking at the birdcage on top of the bath is my earliest childhood memory.’
    • ‘Fluttering inhabitants occupy birdcages at either side of the porch.’
    • ‘There was a stunning gold birdcage filled with exotic birds.’
    • ‘On the sunny side of the street, many of the houses sported a birdcage hanging from a nail, high on the wall beside the hall door.’
    • ‘He always loved birds,’ said Anthony, pointing to the three birdcages with birds hanging up in his uncle's home.’
    • ‘Instead of a bell hanging round its neck, it has what looks like a small birdcage, but there is no bird!’
    • ‘On the floor he laid a bed of newspaper to represent both the floor of a birdcage and the influence of media on cultural and personal identity.’
    • ‘There is a birdcage, which Shackelton owned and several photographs of the great man, together with letters and other documents penned or signed by him.’
    • ‘A woman who thinks she is a bird is brought into the emergency room in a huge birdcage.’
    • ‘When he entered, he noticed that the enclosures resembled birdcages.’
    • ‘She led us up a narrow lane and through a round stone portal into a courtyard of huge water urns, bicycles and birdcages.’
    • ‘There are bamboo birdcages hanging everywhere in Hong Kong if you keep an eye out: in the corners of teahouses, on high balconies among the washing, outside shops.’
    • ‘Another one was an aviarist, he was keen on birds and he took all the doors off the kitchen cupboards and put wire netting up to use them as birdcages.’
    • ‘The glint on the wire frames of his spectacles echoes the glint on the birdcage wire.’
    • ‘Also known as parrot fever, this bacterial illness can occur when people have contact with infected bird feces or with the dust that accumulates in birdcages.’
    • ‘A dozen birdcages with canaries are scattered throughout the room and attached to the walls.’
    pen, run, cage, hutch, enclosure, pound, lock-up
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