Definition of birdbath in English:



  • A small basin placed in a garden and filled with water for birds to bathe in.

    • ‘Always make sure that there is some form of water supply in your garden, even if it is just a bird bath.’
    • ‘Be sure to clean out and fill the bird bath with fresh water twice a week in hot weather.’
    • ‘Make sure you have a supply of water for visiting birds: a bird bath is fine but a shallow sided container (30 cm diameter or more and holding up to 5 cm of water) placed in the ground will do just as well.’
    • ‘She previously claimed carpet vouchers and a stone bird bath.’
    • ‘Keep the bird bath in good repair and full of water for the birds.’
    • ‘They stretched up to their skinniest and highest, ears erect, stone-still branch wanabees, whenever I went into the courtyard to water and refill the bird bath.’
    • ‘Be sure to top up the water in the bird bath twice a week - our feathered friends get to depend on this source of water in dry times.’
    • ‘Once beyond the gates the short avenue, covered overhead with ancient laurels, leads on to a circular drive in front of the house with the centre of the grassed area featuring roses and a raised bird bath.’
    • ‘We've been there and looked through the window when a pair of bright parrots, never seen before in the garden, come down to the bird bath to drink and splash.’
    • ‘Marvin led them inside his clinic, a small white building with a flower garden in the front adorned with bird feeders and a bird bath.’
    • ‘Having a bird bath with open water all year around is a starter.’
    • ‘Unlike larger birds, hummingbirds will seldom take advantage of a bird bath or bowl of water.’
    • ‘Finally, in addition to their water dish, you should provide a bird bath.’
    • ‘Many were family gifts, including a 2ft statue of a farmer, an angel holding a bird bath, two concrete dogs and numerous moles.’
    • ‘But I have been gazing forlornly at my unoccupied bird bath since I was given it for Christmas.’
    • ‘You've planted the flowers, put in the shrubs and even added a bird bath and a few garden decorations, but what's missing?’
    • ‘She got extra points for her bird bath, which is invaluable especially in winter for birds to keep their feathers clean and fluffy.’
    • ‘It is important to supplement their diets by regular feeding and to provide a bird bath (check daily to ensure that it is not empty or frozen over).’
    • ‘Money and materials were in short supply so the hard landscaping tended to be of concrete or recycled brick, with any ornament such as a bird bath, sundial or planter being constructed from the unwanted items of war that littered our world.’
    • ‘During a send-off presentation she received a bird bath from staff and a family of ceramic frogs, which she avidly collects, from the company.’