Definition of bird table in English:

bird table


  • A small platform or table in a garden on which food for birds is placed.

    • ‘Three £60 windows have been smashed by an air rifle in the past two weeks and a bird table, set up last October, was destroyed.’
    • ‘As well as putting food on a bird table, I place a large dish of seeds for them on the ground.’
    • ‘The starlings don't seem to mind too much though - they're tucking into the bird cake that I made and put out on the bird table for them.’
    • ‘I have some ready to put out on the bird table in the morning.’
    • ‘Wood pigeons are landing on the flower boxes, breaking all the plants with their fighting and defecating on the bird table, balcony floor and furniture.’
    • ‘It was no more moist at home and ended up on the bird table.’
    • ‘Food for birds can be placed on a bird table, in feeders or on the ground.’
    • ‘They had smashed their way through the French windows with a piece of the bird table from the garden.’
    • ‘Have you ever loaded up the bird table with winter treats for your garden birds, only to find it stripped down to the last nut and sunflower seed a few hours later?’
    • ‘The pupils have also been able to extend the project into other lessons, including making a bird table, which is visible from the nursery classroom.’
    • ‘He then saw her putting a bird table - worth £35-into the back of a car.’
    • ‘We think birds from our bird table have dropped some of the seeds while flying away and now we have this enormous sunflower.’
    • ‘Dating from the 18th century, it has flint walls, a solid-fuel stove and a bird table on the lawn.’
    • ‘So it was like a two-square-mile bird table for them.’
    • ‘The most obvious is to set up a bird table - essential if there are cats around - and provide food and water.’
    • ‘I have also made a bird table, because Marjorie would have liked that as well.’
    • ‘Put it in a rat-proof container, use a bird table if you feed the birds, and take any leftovers in at night if that is possible,’ Mrs Thorpe said.’
    • ‘Celebrations for the retiring Mrs Warren lasted two days and included a special assembly where she was presented with a clock, a bird table and a bench.’
    • ‘I've cleared away the sunflowers and left a couple of heads on the bird table so that they can take the seeds if they want to.’
    • ‘We have nothing especially unusual so far as species are concerned, although we do get a woodpecker on the bird table from time to time.’


bird table